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Welcome to the American Learning Center (ALC), a place where a click of the mouse brings professional success right to your door step.

American Learning Center takes pride in providing continuously updated online courses that are carefully selected and developed to meet the needs of any business environment. Our carefully chosen faculty members stand ready to provide one-to-one mentoring all year round, including holidays. This allows learners to interact with their mentors at a personalized and customized level according to each learner’s specific needs and requirements.
In addition, we provide our learners with a Study Tactics and Resources Center where they find plentiful material for their studies. We also offer a list of links to related websites, online libraries, and articles.
At American Learning Center, we provide a convenient

and cost effective tool of enriching the professional life of our learners who can earn a higher degree – MBA and DBA – or get exposed to new practical knowledge base, tools, techniques and skills through our short online courses and soft skills courses.
As a school of distance learning, we offer the convenience of studying at your own pace, time and place. With our priorities on our goals and core values, we provide a superb learning experience with the highest e-learning quality standards, passion and excellence, in the pursuit of our learner’s knowledge and accreditation.
When you make the decision to learn with American Learning Center, we guarantee full support throughout your learning journey.


American Learning Center is fully accredited and recognized by United Quality Management Institute (USA)

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.Global Approved Partners

Charisma University

Charisma University is recognized by the Turks and Caicos Islands Ministry of Education as a degree-granting institution for Associate's degree, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, and the Doctorate along with Certificate programs.

United College of Aviation

Science and Management (UCAM), an ALC approved Center in Bangladesh, is a sister concern of OS City Group which one of the biggest conglomerates in Bangladesh – a contributor to the educational institutes and students for the creation of Digital Bangladesh and enhancement of the concept of a skilled nations and elevation of the quality of education

American International Theology University

American International Theology University, AITU is authorized by the State of Florida, Department of Education Commission on Independent Education, Section 1005.06(1)(f), to award Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degree (On-campus and online)


is the only learning destination in Pakistan that provides learners to receive a one and two years professional diplomas that meet international standards, ISO certified and government recognized organization that provides unique education style, at your door step shaping your skills into productive excellence. AIMMS is under the umbrella of Omer Modern Education and Research PVT limited, an approved organization by the Securities Exchange Commission Government of Pakistan. ALC partners with AIMMS in providing dual certificate degree programs in various fields in addition to accrediting and issuing of diploma(s) certificates after thorough review.

Excellence Consultants Ltd

Excellence Consultants Ltd is an Egyptian firm operating in the field of training and development as well as managerial consulting since 1995. ALC partners with Excellence in providing post graduate online degree programs provided by ALC academic partners. In addition, ALC along with Excellence design and develop certificate diplomas as well as short courses both onsite.


Eliaversity Research and Development is legally registered with the Registrar General Department in Ghana to provide human resource development and training services through workshops, seminars and conferences. Our huge and credible data base of over five thousand Chief Executives, Entrepreneurs and other top executives in Ghana and beyond has been our key to successful international seminars.

High Tech World Institute

High Tech World Institute (HTCI) is our approved affiliate Center in: Yemen, Mauritania and Tanzania.

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