Advance your professional career with an online MBA. American Learning Center takes pride in preparing MBA candidates to become well established business leaders who are able to meet challenges of business environment. As such, this designated MBA is designed for people who are keen on building their business expertise and are determined to create competitive edge for themselves in the marketplace whether as an employee, entrepreneur or businessperson.

Key Benefits

  • Get exposed to up-to-date knowledge base, techniques, and essential skills that are vital for success in the contemporary, global, multicultural workplace.
  • Learn to apply current knowledge and adaptability to emerging applications in areas of project management, leadership, marketing, human resources, and technology to the 21st century business environment.
  • Practice the means of creatively designing and implementing business models.
  • Gain the skills needed to creatively design and implement business models.
  • Become knowledgeable in analyzing different business strategies for change.
  • Become efficient in recognizing the importance of learning as a lifelong experience.

MBA Instructional Design

American Learning Center's online curriculum offers an innovative approach to higher education. Enrollment is open and students may begin the program at any time. All courses are provided in online classrooms, with one-to-one faculty mentoring. Students also have free access to our comprehensive Study Tactics and Resources Center, with links to subject related web sites, online libraries, articles and research assistance.

MBA Degree Features

Degree Earned

Masters in Business Administration, MBA

MBA duration

18 months

MBA Prerequisites

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration or related fields

MBA Tuition

$ 7,200 (payment plans are available)


MBA 600 Business Legal Environment

With this course, the student will grasp the importance of law in a business setting. One will understand employment law, public and international environment, commercial and regulations. By grasping these concepts, the student will acquire the knowledge and skills to work and behave professionally, thereby, avoiding legal issues with organization. Through this, success will become rampant, and the individual will make a difference in the world.

Cross, Frank B. and Roger LeRoy Miller. (2007). West's Legal Environment of Business (6th Edition). Cengage - STUDENT EDITIONS:
ISBN 0-324-37613-8 (Text Only)
ISBN 0-324-30391-2 (with Online Legal Research Guide)
ISBN 0-324-37718-5 (with West’s Legal Environment of Business NOW: Online Assignments)

MBA 607 Managerial Marketing

The student will understand contemporary marketing, and how to use it effectively. He or she will grasp the importance of marketing strategies, buyers and markets, market selection, product and pricing decisions, as well as distribution and promotional decisions. One will apply these concepts in the workplace in order to have successful products and services for customers in order to meet and exceed supply and demand for years to come.

Kurtz, David L. (2012). Contemporary Marketing (15th Edition). Cengage.
ISBN# ISBN13: 978-1-111-22178-2; ISBN10: 1-111-22178-2

MBA 608 Managerial Accounting

This class will prepare the student to either do accounting for their own business or someone else's. He or she will have the skills in which to do so effectively in order to make a difference in the world. One will learn the importance of this concept in an organizational setting. Through this, the individual will grasp job-order costing for manufacturing and service companies, process costing, cost-volume profit analysis, variable costing, cost allocation and activity-based costing, the use of cost information in management decision making, pricing decisions, analyzing customer profitability and activity-based pricing, capital budgeting and other long-run decisions, budgetary planning and control, standard costs and variance analysis, decentralization and performance evaluation, statement and cash flows and analyzing financial statements from a managerial perspective.

Jiambalvo, James. (2013). Managerial Accounting (5th Edition). John Wiley & Sons.
eText: ISBN-10 1118560507, ISBN-13 9781118560501
Print: ISBN-10 1-118-07876-4, ISBN-13 978-1-118-07876-1

MBA 613 Managerial Economics

This class will provide the necessary skills in order to understand economics from a managerial perspective. He or she will learn demand and forecasting, production and cost, pricing and output decisions through strategy and tactics and organizational architecture and regulation. By doing so, the student will have a grasp on micro and macroeconomics in order to become effective leaders and managers in the workplace.

McGuigan/Moyer/Harris. (2011). Managerial Economics: Applications, Strategy and Tactics (12th Edition). Cengage Learning.
eText: ISBN-10 1111546231, ISBN-13 9781111546236
Print: ISBN-10 1439079234, ISBN-13 9781439079232

MBA 638 Strategic Management

This class will provide an in depth analysis of business statistics and applying them to various forms of research. The student will have the skills to apply them in and outside of the workplace in order to make society better through process or change management. He or she will understand strategic management inputs, grasp the various types of strategy formulation, apply strategy implementation, and write a reflection paper of 7-12 pages.

Hitt, Michael; Duane Ireland and Robert Hoskisson. (2007). Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization (7th edition). Thomas Higher Education.
eText: ISBN-10 0324671377, ISBN-13 9780324671377
Print: ISBN-10 0324405367, ISBN-13 9780324405361

MBA 620 Managerial Finance

This class will prepare the individual to handle finances effectively. He or she will understand the flow of finances, decision making, investments and managing through information. All of these will help the student in becoming excellent stewards of money within an organizational setting.

Parkinson, Alan. (1997). Managerial Finance. Taylor & Francis Publishers.
eText: ISBN-10 1136008829, ISBN-13 9781136008825
Print: ISBN-10 0-7506-1826-4, ISBN-13 978-0-7506-1826-7

MBA 627 Organizational Behavior/Leadership Theory

This class will provide a psychological analysis of how businesses function through the various forms of behavior that are present. The student will learn leadership skills during this process in order to become effective in any role one might have within an organizational environment.

Hellriegel/Slocum. (2009). Organizational Behavior (12th Edition). Cengage Learning. eText: ISBN-13 9780324767162, ISBN-10 0324767161
Print: ISBN-10 0324578725, ISBN-13 9780324578720

Northouse, Peter G. (2013). Leadership: Theory and Practice (6th Edition). SAGE Publications, Inc.
eText: ISBN-10 1452255792, ISBN-13 9781452255798
Print: ISBN-10 1-4522-0340-7, ISBN-13 9781452203409

MBA 628 Business Research Methods & Tools

This class will provide an in depth analysis of business statistics and applying them to various forms of research. The student will have the skills to apply them in and outside of the workplace in order to make society better through process or change management. He or she will understand a broad range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, evaluate existing research, apply research methods for data analysis and summarize collected data.

Siegel, Andrew. (2011). Practical Business Statistics. Elsevier Science.
eText:ISBN-13 9780123852090, ISBN-10 0123852099
Print: ISBN-10 0123852080, ISBN-13 9780123852083

Cooper, Donald; Schindler, Pamela. (2014). Business Research Methods (12th ed). McGraw-Hill Higher Education.
eText:ISBN-10 0077774426, ISBN-13 9780077774424
Print: ISBN-10 0073521507, ISBN-13 9780073521503

MBA 637 Ethical Issues in Business

This class will prepare the student to behave and work ethically within and outside of an organizational setting. He or she will grasp organizational strategy, finance and economics, organizational behavior, marketing and innovation, HRM and employee relations, and the future of ethics. Through understanding these concepts, one will become a success by raising the standards within his or her workplace in order to achieve the best possible results.

O'Sullivan, Patric; Mark Smith and Mark Esposito. (2012). Business Ethics. Taylor & Francis.
eText: ISBN-10 1136312889, ISBN-13 9781136312885
Print: ISBN-10 0-415-66356-3, ISBN-13 978-0-415-66356-4

780 Masters Project

This class will introduce concept research course that offers you the knowledge and skills needed to problem solve and meet the challenges of a fast paced global business environment. During this course you will have the opportunities to conduct a systematic inquiry in order to address (your selection of topic) business management issues. He or she will understand a broad range of quantitative and qualitative research methdologlies; develop appropriate research questions applicable to a selected topic; develop problem statements, conduct a literature review, evaluate existing research, apply research methods for data analysis, summarize collected data, and write a thesis for evaluation.

A Pocket Style Manual (APA Version), Sixth Edition by Diana Hacker with the
eText: ISBN-10 145762849X, ISBN-13 9781457628498
Print: ISBN-10 0312568495, ISBN-13 9780312568498

eText: ISBN-13 9781423202844
Print: ISBN-10 1423217586, ISBN-13 9781423217589

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